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Notes from some of our visitors...

Hello Nic
We were out on one of your trips at the end of August. There was a bit of a chop on, but you found us whales nevertheless. Brilliant! The trip was complete with the frolics of some 20 or 30 dolphins for quite a time alongside and around the boat, so we couldn't have asked for more. Wonderful day and thanks.
Stephen Hall
whale watching in ireland
Hi Nic
We all had the most amazing trip. You are a good man to deal with the public and you certainly made our trip special. We will be back again in May. Owen is still talking about the trip and when he is a famous boat driver he will remember you.
Maria Jones
whale watching in ireland
Hi Nic,
Thanks for the newsletter, great read! I have become very enthusiastic about Cetacens over the past six months in no small way due to your great trips.
The fin whale's last weekend were superb, from a sheer size prospective.
Having read about them though I can't wait to see my first humpback. Hope to get out with you in the next few weeks again or over the christmas break. If you have anything planned let me know by email.
Thanks again.
Dan Lettice
whale watching in ireland
Dear Nic,
Many thanks for the newsletter. My boyfriend and I went on a whale watch with you in September and had some wonderful sightings. I have encouraged lots of others to go since then. Keep up the good work and I would always be interested in further updates. Happy Christmas.
Aisling Ryan
whale watching in ireland
Hi there Nic,
Thank you ever so much for this in depth summary of your exciting summer out whale watching. I am hoping to join you soon but can't say for sure when.
Keep up the great work and all the best for the year ahead
Umesh Patel

Whale Watch West Cork
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whale watching in ireland

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Iceland once again proves itself an unreliable, irresponsible and unworthy custodian of the North Atlantic marine environment and the diverse wildlife to be found there. Earlier this month Iceland announced it was to start commercial whaling again in direct contravention of the 20 year moratorium put in place by the International Whaling Commission in 1986. Whaling activities are to be centred around the minke whale and the still endangered fin whale. Iceland has unilaterally and illegally set commercial quotas for both the minke and the fin whales to be slaughtered in Icelandic waters. This irresponsible and incomprehensible action will seriously jeapardise the future of the endangered fin whale and set in motion once again a return to the bad old days of the mid 20th century where Iceland played a significant role in decimating populations of the large baleen whales through greed and over exploitation. The world fin whale population was reduced to less that 25% of it's size before commercial whaling of this species began. This action is illegal and inhumane and Iceland should be considered a pirate whaling nation with pariah status within the European Community.
whale watching in ireland


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whale watching in ireland