Marine Wildlife Tours

Marine Discovery Combination Tour

…the perfect corporate, group or singles tour combining excitement with the ultimate in wildlife viewing

Combine the stealth and manoeuverability of kayaks with the speed and range of the twin-engine 34-foot catamaran, Voyager. The result is our new, very special Marine Discovery Combination Tour. We have teamed up with Jim Kennedy of Atlantic Sea Kayaking and with kayaks on board we head straight out to sea or up the coast in search of wild life and areas otherwise unreachable to kayakers. We regularly launch the kayaks during the trip and explore amongst sea caves, the uninhabited islands or drift on the ocean out of sight of land while dolphins or sunfish check us out. There is even the possibility of a close encounter with whales. Mean time we have the security of the catamaran Voyager, on stand by a short distance away. There is also an incredibly diverse population of bird life in this area, including gannets, shearwaters and skuas. The oceans are so vast, the kayaks so small and slow, this combination gives us incredible freedom and SAFETY to explore those hidden areas of the West Cork coastline. This trip is suitable for beginners and expert kayakers alike. During this trip Jim will use a combination of double and single kayaks. If the temperature is suitable we also get a chance to snorkel around the rocks and islands.

These trips begin at 10.00am and finish about 4.00pm. During the trip we serve a gourmet lunch. Maximum number in the group is 12 people. Price per person 150 euro.

Catamarans are a very stable platform because of their double hulls and with a purpose built boarding ladder customer safety and comfort is assured. There is a cabin area on Voyager, facilities for making hot drinks, spacious decks and a toilet on board. For more information on Jim Kennedy and Atlantic Sea Kayaking please visit:

Corporate Marine Wildlife Cruises

…for professionals seeking something different

These three-hour tours are specially designed for busy professionals. Team building events, motivational and leadership groups, relaxation following that sales meeting or simply a reward for work well done… Either way these tours allow you to unwind following that hectic schedule and enjoy the spectacular coastline of West Cork, the inlets and bays changed little since the days of the old clan chiefs of O'Mahony and O'Driscoll. Wildlife we may see during the tour include Seals, Porpoises, Basking Sharks, Kittiwakes, Petrels, Fulmars, Manx Shearwaters all topped off with an expert interactive commentary on the wildlife, history and geology of this unique and unspoilt part of West Cork.

Bird Watching Cruises: Petrels and Shearwaters

…for the avid offshore birder

Out past the Fastnet Rock heading south from Cape Clear Island, the Mecca of bird watching in southwest Ireland, we go looking for petrels and shearwaters. On the open expanses of the Atlantic we hope to encounter both Corey's and the Great Shearwater. Before then we should have seen several Sooty and Manx Shearwaters. Armed with "chum" we go looking for one of the rarest petrels, that little seen vagrant - Wilson's Petrel. We also look for Leach's Petrel and the more common Storm Petrel fluttering like little moths across the ocean surface. Great and Arctic Skuas are frequently a bonus along with blue sharks, turtles, sunfish, dolphins and whales…

Islands and Headland Tours

…family tours to experience the wildlife and beauty

Our Islands and Headlands Marine Tours offer one and a half hour marine tours specially designed for close up views of the rugged West Cork coastline and diverse wildlife. Enjoy all the thrills of a fast boat ride in addition to getting close in to all the caves and coves and bays that characterize the islands and headlands of the West Cork coastline. Look for the ruins of castles from the days of the old clan chiefs of O'Mahony and O'Driscoll along a coastline that has changed little since the days of the early Viking invaders. In addition there is the diverse wildlife from Peregrine Falcons, Puffins, Razorbills Gannets and Guillemots to Sunfish, Turtles, Sharks, Whales and Dolphins…

All gear and equipment is provided for a comfortable and safe family outing along the West Cork coastline.

For further details please call:

Landline: 028 33357
(International: 00 353 28 33357)

Mobile: 086 120 0027
(International: 00 353 86 120 0027)

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Notes from some of our visitors...

Hello Nic
We were out on one of your trips at the end of August. There was a bit of a chop on, but you found us whales nevertheless. Brilliant! The trip was complete with the frolics of some 20 or 30 dolphins for quite a time alongside and around the boat, so we couldn't have asked for more. Wonderful day and thanks.
Stephen Hall

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The Japanese and the Norwegians will account for the death of over 2000 whales during the next 12 months. Few people eat whale meat and the Japanese had over 4000 tons in cold storage before the last whaling season where they killed over 850 animals. There is so much oversupply of whale meat as a result of the the whaling activities of the Japanese and the Norwegians that the Japanese are feeding it to dogs.
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This is what Senator Ian Campbell, Australia's environment minister had to say at a recent press conference about Japan's claim that they were involved in Scientific Whaling: " this is what's done in the name of science. This is how Japan, in the name of science, collects whale meat, takes it back to Japan, sticks it in warehouses, tries to get schoolchildren to eat it, gets old people to eat it now and, of course, we know from some evidence that they're also feeding it to dogs - all in the name of science..."